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The 2016 QA Symposium video

Posted by James Brisbane on 30/11/16 09:47
Watch the official video to this year’s consultants conference in Barcelona.
In September, QA Consulting held the 2016 QA Symposium, this time in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Our people really are our greatest assets, and the weekend away was the perfect opportunity to thank all of our IT consultants for their hard work and dedication over the past year.
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Press release: QA Consulting hires senior consultant Tobias Butler

Posted by James Brisbane on 14/11/16 13:59
Tobias Butler has joined QA Consulting as the Director of Process Automation and Decisioning.
“I am excited to join a consultancy firm with such a unique value proposition,” said Tobias Butler. “The way QA Consulting helps clients strengthen their internal capability with the right IT skills is exceptional. I am looking forward to working with the existing client base, our software partner Pega, along with building relationships with new clients by helping them overcome their digital skills gap in delivering business process technology projects.”

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MD Tony Lysak talks to the BBC about the digital skills gap

Posted by James Brisbane on 31/10/16 16:35
Listen to QA Consulting’s MD Tony Lysak talk to BBC Radio Shropshire about the digital skills gap and the new Telford consulting delivery centre.
Thursday 27 October saw the official opening of a new consultancy delivery centre in Telford to establish a midlands-based QA Consulting location supporting clients in the surrounding areas.
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Press release: QA opens new consultancy delivery centre in Telford

Posted by James Brisbane on 27/10/16 10:12
An expanding, technical consultancy practice called QA Consulting, which helps organisations such as Siemens, TalkTalk and Fujitsu with their digital skills gaps by providing tech consultants using a unique and cost-effective model, is opening a new consultancy delivery centre in Telford on Thursday 27 October.
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From astrophysics to computer coding

Posted by James Brisbane on 21/09/16 09:00

What can you do with a computer science degree? Hear about Jessica's experience of graduating in astrophysics and making the move into computer coding in the world of IT.

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The key facts from The Job Crowd’s report on QA Consulting

Posted by James Brisbane on 20/09/16 09:00

This summer QA Consulting was voted the fourth best IT consulting company for graduates to work for in the UK.

We were particularly pleased about this because it’s based on the feedback from the graduates who know us best - the ones who have joined our high tech IT training programme in Manchester’s Media City!

Here’s an infographic of the votes and feedback.

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Oranges, lemons and IT graduate training programmes

Posted by James Brisbane on 13/09/16 09:00

In our recent blog ‘Are Universities teaching the right digital skills?’ we talked about how in 2014 81% of hiring managers said it was “somewhat difficult” to fill open positions due to lack of skills, and 61% said they had hired a person who was not qualified for the role. Another alarming fact is that 13% of computer graduates are still unemployed six months after leaving University.

On the other hand, according to a recent government report, the UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017, which means there’s certainly a high demand for the right candidates.

So, if you’re an IT graduate how do you give yourself the best chance of making the successful move from university to work?

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Learning and working at QA Consulting

Posted by James Brisbane on 08/09/16 10:30


Watch principal consultant Angelica talk about the opportunity QA Consulting gave her to learn and work within the IT industry.

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Top 10 tips: learn the skills to succeed at graduate assessment days

Posted by James Brisbane on 09/08/16 10:00

By Hannah McDougall, QA Consulting's Head of Recruitment.

My team and I speak to graduates on a daily basis about assessment days so I know a little about the  concerns surrounding with these events.

What many candidates often miss is that it’s a two-way process. It’s for you to find out and get a feel about the employer and their fit in your career path, as much as it is for the employer to get a feel about you. It’s also not a competition. It’s not like Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice. Believe me, as an employer, if we could, we’d employ every single candidate attending an assessment day.

So, to try to give you the benefit of my experience in helping to run many of these at QA Consulting, here’s our top 10 tips to succeed at a graduate assessment day.

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Our consultants are key to our business.

Each and every one of our Consultants go through our Graduate Programme, giving them the technical education with industry-standard certifications and professional expertise.

We offer expertise across many technologies, providing our customers with consultants across a wide variety of roles, from assisting new enterprises, bridging skills gaps in existing teams and the delivery of new projects.


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