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Top 10 tech trends to embrace in 2017

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 21/12/16 10:06
 The rapid advancements we have seen in technology, coupled with the acceleration of innovation, are transforming our lives every day. Each year we see the emergence of new technologies that have the potential to change the world we know. We have seen huge advancement in technology over the past decade with the introduction of multiple game changing tech innovations, including; WIFI, online streaming, social networking, smartphones, 3-D printing, solar and wind power and drones.
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Sweeping aside slow movers with DevOps and agile

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 12/12/16 10:32
Organisations that eschew DevOps as part of a broader shift to more agile ways of working risk being overtaken by faster-moving, more flexible rivals warns David Njogu, CTO at QA Consulting.
Njogu likened the coming revolution to the military revolution of the 1790s, which saw Napoleon's armies sweep aside the Prussian army - the largest in Europe - and the industrial revolution, which saw most cottage industries put out of business by factories and the efficiencies of mass production.
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Bridging University and work at QA Consulting

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 09/12/16 07:00
Watch IT consultant Ryan talk about the opportunity QA Consulting gave him to become an IT project manager.
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The 2016 QA Symposium video

Posted by James Brisbane on 30/11/16 09:47
Watch the official video to this year’s consultants conference in Barcelona.
In September, QA Consulting held the 2016 QA Symposium, this time in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Our people really are our greatest assets, and the weekend away was the perfect opportunity to thank all of our IT consultants for their hard work and dedication over the past year.
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A brief history of women in IT

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 30/11/16 09:00
In the last few decades women have come a long way in the workplace and the technology is starting to see more and more women! So, let’s take a look at the history of women in IT…

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Welcome to the Service Revolution

Posted by Angelica Charry on 28/11/16 10:28
Last month ServiceNow hosted their annual NowForum at the London Excel and QA Consulting were pleased to join them as a sponsor. More than 1,800 delegates attended the day, hearing from visionary business executives and service management experts and discovering how they too can utilise service management to help transform their organisation.
We sent our ServiceNow Tech Lead, Angelica Charry, to find out all the latest information surrounding the ServiceNow platform.
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Digital Transformation 101

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 25/11/16 10:25
“In 2004, Facebook didn’t exist, 4G was a parking space, an app was something you sent off to college, LinkedIn was a prison, Tweet was a sound a bird made, and Skype was a typo.” Commented Thomas Friedman, Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times, surrounding the immense technological advancement we have seen over the past decade.
With the shift to digital, customer experience has become a number one priority, we are now officially in the ‘Age of the Customer’. Organisations are trying to find new ways to serve their customers in the increasingly digital and global economy. The challenge is realigning or investing in new technology, business models, and processes that are as dynamic as the market you operate in.
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Cyber security: The cost of getting it wrong

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 17/11/16 13:27
Over the past few years we have seen rapid digitisation in our lives as we become more dependent on IT than ever before. As a result we have put ourselves at the mercy of cybercriminals across the world.
According to Detica, who in partnership with the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Offices’ report ‘The cost of cybercrime’, they estimate that the annual cost of cybercrime in the UK alone, is a staggering £27bn. From this, it is believed that £21bn of the total comes from British-based businesses who are suffering from high levels of IP theft and espionage.
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How to make the most out of graduate job fairs

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 16/11/16 09:00
Universities hold graduate job fairs for the sole reason that their students can meet recruiters, find out more about employers and industries, and look for possible jobs. Take a look at our tips on how to prepare and get the most out of careers fairs.
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Press release: QA Consulting hires senior consultant Tobias Butler

Posted by James Brisbane on 14/11/16 13:59
Tobias Butler has joined QA Consulting as the Director of Process Automation and Decisioning.
“I am excited to join a consultancy firm with such a unique value proposition,” said Tobias Butler. “The way QA Consulting helps clients strengthen their internal capability with the right IT skills is exceptional. I am looking forward to working with the existing client base, our software partner Pega, along with building relationships with new clients by helping them overcome their digital skills gap in delivering business process technology projects.”

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