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Assessment Days: 6 ways to flunk your assessment day

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 28/10/16 09:00
 Assessment days are here to stay. Companies love them because they are both cost effective and far more reliable indicators of whether a candidate is ready for their company rather than the traditional interview process. Despite this, they are no where near as popular with graduates.
So, we are here to help. At QA Consulting we try to make our assessment days as least stressful as possible. Why not take a look at our top six things not to do at an assessment day.
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Top 10 tips: learn the skills to succeed at graduate assessment days

Posted by James Brisbane on 09/08/16 10:00

By Hannah McDougall, QA Consulting's Head of Recruitment.

My team and I speak to graduates on a daily basis about assessment days so I know a little about the  concerns surrounding with these events.

What many candidates often miss is that it’s a two-way process. It’s for you to find out and get a feel about the employer and their fit in your career path, as much as it is for the employer to get a feel about you. It’s also not a competition. It’s not like Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice. Believe me, as an employer, if we could, we’d employ every single candidate attending an assessment day.

So, to try to give you the benefit of my experience in helping to run many of these at QA Consulting, here’s our top 10 tips to succeed at a graduate assessment day.

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