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The struggle to overcome the cyber skills gap

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 11/02/17 10:25

Every year the number of cyber attacks increase, as a result, the damage caused is becoming harder to counteract. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, 89% of all cyber-attacks involve financial or espionage motivations, making the ramifications of the cyber attacks even more destructive.

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Tackling the Digital Skills Gap with QA Consulting

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 05/01/17 10:20
The digital skills gap is one of the biggest threats to organisations, not just in the UK but in the world. The scale of the problem between the skills we have in an organisation and digital best practices has never been wider. Although many leaders accept that there is a digital skills crisis, 60% of them have not implemented a strategy to help bridge the gap.
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Press release: QA Consulting hires senior consultant Tobias Butler

Posted by James Brisbane on 14/11/16 13:59
Tobias Butler has joined QA Consulting as the Director of Process Automation and Decisioning.
“I am excited to join a consultancy firm with such a unique value proposition,” said Tobias Butler. “The way QA Consulting helps clients strengthen their internal capability with the right IT skills is exceptional. I am looking forward to working with the existing client base, our software partner Pega, along with building relationships with new clients by helping them overcome their digital skills gap in delivering business process technology projects.”

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MD Tony Lysak talks to the BBC about the digital skills gap

Posted by James Brisbane on 31/10/16 16:35
Listen to QA Consulting’s MD Tony Lysak talk to BBC Radio Shropshire about the digital skills gap and the new Telford consulting delivery centre.
Thursday 27 October saw the official opening of a new consultancy delivery centre in Telford to establish a midlands-based QA Consulting location supporting clients in the surrounding areas.
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Press release: QA opens new consultancy delivery centre in Telford

Posted by James Brisbane on 27/10/16 10:12
An expanding, technical consultancy practice called QA Consulting, which helps organisations such as Siemens, TalkTalk and Fujitsu with their digital skills gaps by providing tech consultants using a unique and cost-effective model, is opening a new consultancy delivery centre in Telford on Thursday 27 October.
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Move faster with QA Consulting

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 05/10/16 10:00

Since February 2016 QA Consulting and MuleSoft have been working together in tackling current market challenges including digital transformation, digital disruption and the digital skills gap. With many companies challenged with how quickly they can be digital ready, the gap between those with the internal skill set required to transform, and those that don’t, continues to widen. Many are struggling to move forward, faster, in offering new services via an omni-channel approach and consequently are in genuine danger of losing their dominant market position to digital first competitors, or, digital disruptors.

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Oranges, lemons and IT graduate training programmes

Posted by James Brisbane on 13/09/16 09:00

In our recent blog ‘Are Universities teaching the right digital skills?’ we talked about how in 2014 81% of hiring managers said it was “somewhat difficult” to fill open positions due to lack of skills, and 61% said they had hired a person who was not qualified for the role. Another alarming fact is that 13% of computer graduates are still unemployed six months after leaving University.

On the other hand, according to a recent government report, the UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017, which means there’s certainly a high demand for the right candidates.

So, if you’re an IT graduate how do you give yourself the best chance of making the successful move from university to work?

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Are Universities teaching the right digital skills?

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 07/09/16 15:39
Executives and hiring managers often complain that employees come out of University without having the right technology skill set. Why is this? Given the amount of time young people spend online, it would seem that graduates should have these skills.

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The Digital Skills Gap: 101

Posted by Eleanor Moquet on 10/08/16 10:30

By now you have probably all been hearing about something called the digital skills gap and how it is going to create a major issues for companies over the next few years.

But what actually is it and why should you care?

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