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What is an IT Consultant?

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 07/11/16 09:00
When searching for jobs I bet you have seen many adverts for 'IT Consultant' and wondered 'what is an IT Consultant?' ... you may have even applied to be one. Very simply, this is what it is:
Systems Analyst + Software Developer + Project Manager = IT Consultant


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QA Consulting is training more IT graduates than ever

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 24/08/16 09:00

According to Prospects, employment of IT professionals through to 2020 is forecast to grow at 1.62% per annum, nearly twice as fast as the UK average. As a result, there is an even greater demand for the right people with the right expertise.  

For many years IT consulting has been about providing advice and services around big enterprise software solutions and organisations want to speak to people who really understand these technologies.

This is where QA Consulting can help.

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5 traits all great IT Consultants must master

Posted by Hugo Rente on 08/07/16 17:06

Today we explore five traits great IT consultants are Jedi Masters at.  Most of these skills and behaviours can be taught by experience, others not so much. But do not fear! Today I’m here to help you become an IT Consultant.

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Our consultants are key to our business.

Each and every one of our Consultants go through our Graduate Programme, giving them the technical education with industry-standard certifications and professional expertise.

We offer expertise across many technologies, providing our customers with consultants across a wide variety of roles, from assisting new enterprises, bridging skills gaps in existing teams and the delivery of new projects.


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