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From astrophysics to computer coding

Posted by James Brisbane on 21/09/16 09:00

What can you do with a computer science degree? Hear about Jessica's experience of graduating in astrophysics and making the move into computer coding in the world of IT.

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4 tips on how to become a software developer

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 06/07/16 09:37
 You've taken a Computer Science or STEM degree knowing that technology is only going to play a greater and greater part in our lives. You've read up on the digital skills gap and the demand for people in the IT industry. So, you're assuming that getting an entry level or graduate job in software development means getting a decent grade and sending out a few job applications. Well, think again!

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QA Consulting wins 4th Best Tech Company for Graduates!

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 04/07/16 16:46


We are proud to announce that QA Consulting, part of the QA Group, has been voted the 4th Best Tech company for Graduates to Work For and in the top quartile of Top 100 Companies for Graduates to Work For in 2016/17.

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Our consultants are key to our business.

Each and every one of our Consultants go through our Graduate Programme, giving them the technical education with industry-standard certifications and professional expertise.

We offer expertise across many technologies, providing our customers with consultants across a wide variety of roles, from assisting new enterprises, bridging skills gaps in existing teams and the delivery of new projects.


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