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What’s LinkedIn Etiquette?

Posted by Camilla Trigwell on 22/03/17 07:00


7923280978_43d5191253_o.jpgWhen starting a new job LinkedIn profiles are essential. In today’s competitive and demanding market knowing how to use your LinkedIn profile to it’s full potential can be extremely beneficial.

It’s no longer enough to register on LinkedIn and update your status every blue moon, instead you need to be active in groups and discussions, connect with relevant people, and promote yourself in the best possible way.

Take a look at our tips:


Complete your profile.

Did you start completing your profile and think ‘I’ll get back to that later’... well dont. The first step is to complete your entire LinkedIn profile. This will include your work experience, adding links to your websites or blogs, requesting recommendations, filling in the skills section and setting your contact preferences so recruiters can connect with you.

If you are short of time, upload your resume to the system and LinkedIn will automatically fill  in most of the areas for you.

Start connecting with relevant people

The keyword here is relevant. Don’t go connecting with friends you haven’t seen in years, this isn’t facebook! You have to remember that your LinkedIn profile is YOUR tool to network with professionals in similar careers.

Remember, more connections don’t necessarily equate to more value. Don’t be compelled to blindly send invites just to gain connections.


What shouldn’t you say on LinkedIn?

Don’t approach employers directly asking for jobs or for them to check your CV, it’s very unlikely to get you anywhere. It’s important to build a rapport and get to know the client you are speaking too.

Don't talk about anything that isn't related to business. LinkedIn is a business social network and people expect everything to be professional at all times.

Want to send an invitation?

Ever wondered how to send an invitation to a stranger and to get them to accept it? When you send the invitation it’s best to send a personalised message stating why you would like to connect.

Have a profile picture.

Don't start connecting with people until you have a photo of yourself, and a semi-professional one if you can! Your profile picture should be clean and a headshot. 


The rules overall rule of LinkedIn etiquette is generally to always provide value that speaks to the exact type of person you trying to connect with.


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